Monday, 7 December 2009

I've not been well but....

.......woo hoo look what got delivered today (a wee stop feeling sorry for yourself 'cause your not well pressie). Well it came in a box bigger than expected

But then there was another box inside with lots of white 'wotsits'

Then inside the second box even more white 'wotsits' (have to make some kind of crimbo decoration with all the white 'wotsits')

But then there it was, in all it's screen printing starter kit :-)

I had a wee taster of screen printing in a class at college, but just not enough for me......I want to do more screen printing and try out different techniques and designs.
Well of course even though I'm still feeling ill, I had to have a wee play in between coughing fits. So now that lovely new screen looks like this.....

..... and this is the result of my playing today~~~~~~~my beautiful daughter hanging up to dry

I still need a lot of practise with this, just can't get it totally right yet.....not enough ink than too much, not lining up right etc. But I'm not one for giving up............tomorrow is another day
This year we have got a real Christmas tree, not had a real one for years. It is all decorated now and I'm starting to get a wee bit excited about the festive season. Might need to buy some new decoration next year, some of my glass balls are over 20 years old now and starting to look their age

Good old St. Nick has come out of his box for yet another year of standing on my fireplace, with the fir cones that my children glittered years ago........

Oh and before I forget, I did a wee bit of crafting 2 weekends ago......... I made personalised christening gifts. A keepsake box and a guestbook/photo album/journal in it's own wee box. Sorry photos are not very good

I now have a thumping head ache with coughin' so much :-(

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Card said...

The card really looks elegant! Very unique! I love it!