Sunday, 1 November 2009

I have been ....

crafting this afternoon and look what I did. I had 4 boring candles

and look at them now. Potential Christmas pressies :-)

Well thats all the crafting I've had time for.

My mixed media canvas, that I started the other week, is hanging on the wall in my craft room, but it's not finished yet and definetly not ready for the world to see. I am hoping to get some more done to that this week.

Oh I nearly forgot, I did manage to fit a wee bit of drawing in this morning, while munching on a bacon roll. Much to the disgust of my son, who now says I'm weird, because? .......... I drew my very first manga elf.

I am quite pleased with it, for a first try, but going to try and draw a better one during the week

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