Saturday, 22 August 2009

Some very exciting things .....

have been happening...........well exciting for me anyway!!
Thursday was my 1st day at college, a bit nerve wracking but mostly exciting. I'm the oldest in the class, my class mates are all teenagers :-) but that is fine, they seem a good bunch and I can see we are all going to have some fun.
Thursday was also exciting because my new computer arrived. I've been needing a new one for ages, so decided to treat myself as I would be needing it for my college work.
Boss knewI would be going to college (she encouraged me to go for it!!) and is letting me split my shift in two. So I will be doing half my shift in the morning starting at 6am and then the other half whenever I get home from college.
Dora the hen has been laying an egg every day noo for over a week, just waiting for all the other hens to start laying too!!! come on girls!!!! we want eggs!!!

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