Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's been a long long time

since I last blogged, in fact it is over a month and so much has happened that this will be a bit of a long blog. The last 8 weeks I have been busy with all the pups and having families coming to view them and keeping the puppy blog updated. It is quiet around here now that all the pups have gone to their new homes, but there has not been much crafting going on. The big living room make-over came to a halt, but is starting to to get done now.

I have had exciting 3 things happen since my last blog. The first thing, you might remember me saying in a previous blog in April that I had done something that I had wanted to do since I was 16. Well, I have been accepted at college (me! whoo hoo I'm going to college) to study Graphic Design and New Media. I'm so excited and nervous, but if I don't do this now when I've been given the chance than I'll never do it and would look back and regret it. So I'm off to college at the end of August.

The second thing that happened was I had one of my ATC's published in August's Craft Stamper magazine. How excited was I when I saw my ATC with my name on the page? Everyone was fed up with me showing it to them. I have had artwork published before in an advertisement, but my name wasn't on it, so no one knew I had done it. So this was special to me.
The third thing that happened was, my chickens have arrived. When I first thought of getting chickens I was just going to get 3, then it was maybe 5, but then I had to have one more, so I now have 6 chickens. Still waiting for my first egg though!!

Above we have my Issa Brown hen called Dora, who my grandson Kian named, he also named the Sussex Star (white hen) Iggle Piggle for his wee brother Kailub. Kian was great with the chickens and loved it when Dora ate out of his hand. Below we have my Rhode Rock hen called Abby, in honour of the Buckfast monks (my sons choice of name).
At the end of my last blog, I rememered orange squash, I used to make this from my grans and mum recipe when my children were growing up. I have started to make it again, but it never lasts long, my children (all adults) still love it and so does my grandsons. I might post the recipe here in a future blog. I also have started making home made bread, which so far has been turning out quite well, still room for improvement though.
I also managed a day out at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, Edinburgh. I had a totally great day, as always there was so much to see and do.
I never knew you got ginger sheep?

And of course I had to see all the highland coos

I always love to watch the lumberjacks racing up the poles,

The last night before the last pup went to his new home I managed to snap this photo of dad (Buzz), mum (Fearne) and the last pup together. Do you think they know it is the last night they will be together?

I think I have covered everything ......... I feel that I've forgotten something ...... Oh well!! theres always next time
Debbie XXX

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