Monday, 1 June 2009

What a scorcher.....

this weekend has been. It's been far too hot for me to get any gardening done, I would have been burnt to a crisp :-)

So I started on a wee project (that's turning out to be a bigger project) in the hoose. My living room needs a total make-over and I am going for the shabby chic country look. I managed to pick up a pine dresser from a local secondhand shop at a very good low price (I hate partin' with hard earned cash) and this is going to get a makeover too. I've been looking for a secondhand extending pine table and chairs, but had no luck. Then thought why part with cash when the table and chairs I already have are sturdy and serve the purpose that they were made for. I'm just fed up with the dark mexican pine look. So here is a chair before makeover

and here is the chair after a wee make-over, painted with ivory satin paint and then rubbed with sandpaper on place that would wear to give it that distressed look. I love it :)
Now I've just got 3 more chairs, a table, a dresser and a tv unit to make-over. Then walls to paint, curtains and blinds to make, a new rug to buy. I think thats all.......

I had a sympathy card to make, so I kept it quite simple. I used the soft shimmery card that I used last year for the wedding invites.

Now as if I already don't have enough to do, my application is in the post for an allotment. There could be quite a waiting list so I should have time to get myself more organised before I get an allotment.
Measurements and plans have been done for my chicken hoose and run and friendly Mr PJ is going to order the wood for me (cause he's a joiner and can get it a wee bit cheaper). So I am starting to get excited, cause I could be gettin' ma chickens soon. woo hoo......
The pups all opened their eyes on Saturday and they are moving around a lot more. See videos and photos on the puppy blog.
Well I'm off now to do a bit of sanding and painting
Debbie xx

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