Saturday, 20 June 2009

It's been ....

...a week since I last blogged! How do people find time to blog every day?
Last weekends BBQ went well and it was great catching up with my sister and 2 brothers and their wives and my nieces and nephews. We don't live that far apart, but we don't see one another enough we are all too busy do our own things. My uncle Mike was there too, he has been staying at my mums (well it is her brother) for a wee holiday before he flies back to Australia on Monday. This will most probably be the last time I see him unless I win the lottery and pluck up enough courage to get on a plane. If I was meant to fly I would have wings!!!

The big living room make-over (to shabby chic) has kinda come to a stand still, but it will get finished. anyway I did get the TV unit painted so here is the before photo

and here is the after photo with my new TV on top. Daughters TV broke so had to get an new TV so she could get the old one, so good reason to get new one LOL

Look at my OH veg petch (as our grandson calls it) everything is growing well. That's my chicken run in the background, more about that in the days to come.
Now our grandson Kian wanted to plant his own tottie (like he did last year) , so he planted one in a big tub. Here is your tottie noo Kian

I managed to snap this photo of a greenfinch the other morning, they are nesting in our garden. We also have blackbirds, blue-tits, thrushes and wrens that I know of nesting in our garden this year.

The pups are all growing and getting livelier by the day,I have been busy looking after the pus and I have updated the puppy blog today.
My only crafting this week has been a wedding card and a guestbook. So pleased that I managed to squeeze a wee bit of crafting into my week.

and finally (I bet your glad) look what came doon oor street today........

Natalie a young lassie from up oor street was getting married and this was her transport. It was just a pity it kept raining on her special day. What a way to travel and the horses were stunning, Oh! and so was the bride.
At last it is the end, I think I have covered just about everything. I've just remembered orange juice, but that will have to wait for another day!
Debbie xxx

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