Saturday, 13 June 2009

I'm in mourning :-( ..........

one of my blue orfs (fish) has died. I found him floating in the pond :-( He had lived in my pond for 6 years and had grown to about 12 inches long. He has left behind his orf friends, another blue orf and two golden orfs and a wee baby golden orf. I hope he is orf to fish heaven :-) He was buried in the garden and he smelt orf-ful.......

anyway been really busy .... whats new?
pups are all growing and getting livelier by the day and shittin' more
pond still has a leak somewhere
chicken run is built OH is sorting oot the coop
Oh veggies are all growing and so are the weeds
bought a new TV
ordered wine making stuff (going to make elderflower wine) ... do I really have time to make wine?
made two lovely quiches and a batch of drop scones ... they're all gone noo!!
not a single bit of crafting has been done this week, I must get creating again, I must find the time!
Going to a BBQ tomorrow at ma mums, a bit of a family gathering

Off to give pups their supper and then relax for a wee while before bed.

Debbie xxx