Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Big catch up .....

This could turn out to be a very long post as it has been wee while since I last blogged. So here goes ......

Well where do I start? I think we must of had a sunny day since I last blogged, but for the life of me I can't remember when we didn't have rain rain rain!!! On that sunny day I snapped one of the frogs and a few fish with ma camera in the garden pond............

I haven't done much crafting in the last few weeks, but one thing I did get round to making was a fascinator for a lovely lady called Molly who is going to Italy next week for her grandsons wedding. She had been having trouble getting a fascinator to go with her outfit when I opened ma big mouth and said "I just made one the last time I needed one". Me and my big mouth LOL, anyway I thoroughly enjoyed making it for her and she loved it as the colours went perfect with her outfit. Anyone else needing a fascinator???? :-)

Now Sunday 17th May I was at by brothers house at a BBQ to celebrate my Niece Yasmine's 16th birthday. This day was sunny but didn't feel it 'cause of the cold cold wind that insisted on blowing through his garden. It was a bit of a family gathering and it was good to catch up with everyone. I had a really great time and the food was excellent, well done to the head chef, Mark.
I made Yasmine a birthday card and I used my favourite Stampotique stamps again. The foral papers are from DCWV The Pocket Full of Posies stack.

I had to leave the BBQ in a bit of a hurry as Fearne my border collie was having her pups. She had 7 in total, the most she has ever had. We've got 3 bitches and 4 dog pups so the puppy blog will be starting soon my my dogs website. Any one interesed in a pup please contact me.

Now that thing that I mention in a previous blog that I had always wanted to do is one step closer to maybe happening....... but I'm not ready to tell just yet
I'm on holiday all this week and today I'm going out for lunch with my mum and my daughter so I better go and get ready.
I'll try not to leave it so long between blogs, but I can't promise as I always seem to have so much to do

Well done ..... you've mad it to the end of this blog :-) give yourself a pat on the back LOL
Till next time
Debbie xxx

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