Sunday, 12 April 2009

Twice in one week......

I've managed to blog.............. could it be I've caught the blogging bug again? Well I think I must have caught something 'cause noo I've joined Twitter. "When have I got time to twitter?" I ask myself, "and who else do I know that twitters? no one yet!! So why am I twittering?"

Anyway it's been a good week, not much crafting been goin' on, been busy working on a new website for a friends business. Kian came for a visit on Thursday and we made crispie birds nest cakes..................a whole 36 of them

The proud chef showing off his cakes
Then he helped make pizza for dinner and made a birthday card for his wee brother Kailubs 1st birthday next week............... kian is more organised than me, I haven't made mine yet.

Friday saw me getting all dressed up and going oot with my daughter S-J, I don't do much going oot so this was a big thing. Half a bottle of wine and many brandies and a good night was had by all, I even came home and finished off the bottle of wine before going to bed....... now I'm wondering what that really says about me........ I know! I really like wine :)
Nearly forgot ..... HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE ......... I'm off later to see all the grandchildren and give them their eggs and do the dreaded weekly food shop (I'd reather go to a craft shop)
Will be back blogging again soon and having a wee Twitter :)

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