Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It's been so long......

since I last blogged. What a bad bad blogger I am, but then hey ho life just gets in the way of bloggin' sometimes :-)

So a quick update: Went to John and Leannes wedding and had a great day.
The weight I lost I found again LOL, must try lose it again.
Christmas was gooooood
I won £600 on the bingo
Kailub is walking and his 1st birthday is coming up very very soon.
Kian is a total chatterbox, never stops talking and asking questions. His favourite saying the noo is "are we going for a 'dawnda'? "
My craft stash is now back in the house as it was far too cold in the summerhouse over winter and my papers were getting damp.
Treated myself to a new sewing machine
and keep this quiet, just between me and you, don't let my OH know, I have an addiction. Sssshhhh my craft stash is growing, I keep seeing stamps I need and I do really neeeeed them LOL

Over the past year I haven't made many ATC's but I'm starting to get back into them again. I entered the ATC Swap competition on the Crafty Individuals website (I just love their stamps), I didn't win but was chuffed that 2 of my ATC's are on the competition page. There was lots of really brilliant ATC's entered into the competition and the 3 I received in the swap were lovely.

Here are the 3 that I entered

I have just posted my ATC's for April Craft Stamper magazine swap, the theme was Fairies and Fantasy. So I'm looking forward to see what swaps I receive.

I'm not just a bad blogger, but I'm also a bad Auntie as I forgot my neice Melissa's birthday. I think she has forgiven me as I still made her a card, even though it was late. The girl stamps are from Stampotique Originals and the papers are by Jane Bently Perfect Paper Collection, a free book from Crafts Beautiful magazine(I love a freebie)

Kailub was visiting, so oot came the camera, both my grandsons are used to getting their photo taken by their daft nanny who just can't get enough photos of them. This was my favourite photo of Kailub on that day
Then this weekend, Nanny, Grandad and Kian went a 'dawnda' to the Fife Animal Park. Once Kian knew we were going to get something to eat at the cafe he lost interest in the animals the thought of food took over and he couldn't get round the park quick enough LOL
Then when he had ate and drank his juice he noticed the play park, where he wanted to play and play and play
We had a good day, even though, grandad who knew where he was going missed the turning off the motorway so he took us the long scenic route LOL. It was a cold windy day, but we will be going back in the summer to see if the parrot (I think that's what it was) really said "I'm f--ked" and to visit my new friend
I'll try not to leave it so long till I blog again, you never know I might even blog again this week!!! pop back soon and see :-)

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