Thursday, 8 May 2008

a quick update ..............

The puppies are all coming on fine, to see photos and videos just pop into their puppy diary.

Kailub is just soooo scrunchy and lovely with his mop of hair. I've never know a bairn to be born with so much hair. He is putting on weight and now weighs in at 9lb 6.5oz.

I've made all 100 invitations for John and Leannes wedding, just 60 Order of Service to complete noo. Below is a photo of the sample collection which Leanne chose for her invites.
The card has a beautiful shimmer to it, which the photo doesn't really pick up well. The tartan ribbon is a new modern tartan called The Pride of Bannockburn, which only came off the production line at the end of April. When I went to bed I couldn't get tartan ribbon and crystal hearts oot ma heed, but that wee side affect of making so many invites has noo left me :-)
The last couple of days have been wonderful hot sunny blue sky days................ summer is here ........... but for how long? Yesterday afternoon I was in my front garden giving it a very much needed tidy up. I was also diggin' (with my new spade) around the bottom of a down pipe which goes into the ground into a soak away, but needs replaced........ it's still not out but I now know which way my gas pipe runs :-) ............ well after all that diggin' I am a wee bit stiff and sore today ........ my OH keeps telling me "your not as young as you used to be", I think I already know that though. Now are you thinking, my OH should've been doin' the diggin' ?........ in the 25 years we have been married OH has always said "I don't do diggin'!!!" and he never has. Oooops! I tell a lie, he did dig a few holes when he was building the decking. But that was after he had sat and watched me dig the pond :-) luv him to bits .......... Talking of the pond I have at last found out where it is leaking from and this should be fixed very soon, which the frogs, tadpoles, newts, stiklebacks, blue orfs and golden orfs will all be pleased about. I love sitting beside the pond, it's like another wee world in there and it is so relaxing.
So much for this being a quick update, I've started to haver (pron: h-ave-er, meaning: Speak nonsense, normally assosiated with senility) .... yep that sounds like me :-)
bye the noo. I'll be back to haver some more soon :-)

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