Sunday, 6 April 2008

Where have all the days gone?

Days and even months have past since my last blog...........I'm such a bad blogger LOL, just not organised at all..............never enough time to fit everything into my days.
This week is going to be no different, even though I am on holiday from work for a whole week. yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

This week is going to packed full of excitement (well I'm hoping anyway). First off it is my 25th wedding anniversary.......OMG 25 years with the same grumpy git of a man, how have I survived? Looking forward to going out for dinner, keeping my fingers crossed it's not Pizza Hut

Secondly my 2nd grandson is due to be born, why now a days must they find out the sex of their baby before it is born? and what if they get it wrong? I prefer not to know so I get a surprise when the baby is born, I love surprises :)

Thirdly or last, Fearne, my border collie is due a litter of pups. Now I will get a surprise when they are born, cause I don't know how many or what sexes these babies will be.

I was going to do some decorating while I was on holiday, but that daft notion has wore off, I can do that another time :)

I haven't lifted my camera for a long time and have fell way behind with HS:MS photo prompts, hopefull will join in again soon. I have done quite a bit of crafting, but photos of that will have to go on another post soon.
I have been asked to make wedding invitations and Order of Service for my friends sons wedding (my very first large order and a big responibility). The bride has chosen what she would like, and most of the supplies have arrived from the wholesaler. So I am going to be busy getting these done and I will place photos on my blog in the future.
Yesterday was spent in the garden as the sun was shining, even though there was an icey wind. Planted some strawberries and herbs, and now have three small tomato plant on my kitchen window sill waiting for the weather to warm up a bit more. I won't be out in the garden today is freezing and we woke up this morning to snow, which has all disappeared now. The frogs and toads in my pond will be wondering what is happening with the weather, they were all swimming and mating in the glorious sunshine on Friday. Clumps of spawn are starting to appear in the pond, so we can look forward to some tadpoles again this year.

Well I think thats enough of my gibbering, I've a roast dinner to cook and an anniversary card to make for my OH .........I know! I've left it to the last minute, but thats me...............I keep telling myself I work better under pressure..............and do I?.............well sometimes............but today I just don't feel very creative..................but that could change once I get my paper and glue out.

Just one last thing before I go................... noticing that I was getting rather plump and my clothes were getting tighter and having to buy larger sizes..................I decided it was time for action.....I have joined Scottish Slimmers (the first time I have ever joined a slimming class in my life) and I am chuffed to bits that in 3 weeks I have lost if I can keep this up, when I go to my frinds sons wedding I should be 2 stone should I post a before and after photo not yet, maybe one day

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