Saturday, 19 April 2008

The stork has been.........

and delivered a very special wee bundle of joy to my son and his fiancee. At 4 minutes past 5 this morning my second grandson was born weighing 7lbs 5 1/2 ozs. At first they hadn't decided on a name for him, but I have just been told he is Kailub Christopher. Christopher is after his dad, but where they got Kailub I don't know, but I'm liking it.

I've just done a name meaning search and found out that Kailub is a variant of Caleb and means "dog" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is the name of one of the twelve spies sent by Moses into Israel. Of the Israelites who left Egypt with Moses, Caleb and Joshua were the only ones who lived to see the promised land.

I am such a proud nanna ....... and I've just got to show off baby Kailub Christopher (photos taken by Christopher, his dad this morning)

Kian went shopping with his Auntie Sarah-Jane this afternoon with £3 in his pocket to spend and look what he came back with..........he's a mean and moody rock star in the making!!!!

Now I think that cost a wee bit more than £3.............was his Auntie spoiling him again?

Kian is away home noo and his dad is taking him to see his mum and new baby brother in the hospital. Hopefully they will both get home tomorrow.
I'm off noo to get something to eat and dye Sarah-Janes hair then have a couple of glasses of wine .... a wee bit of a girly night 'cause Colin is working till 1.30 am

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