Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Lynard Skynard's Freebird............our song.....not everybodys cup of tea, but it has stayed with us for 25 years
To celebrate our anniversary (as we're not big on parties and a lot of fuss) we went for a quite meal at the pub where we first met over 27 years ago. The Elizabeathen has changed a wee bit since then. When we used to go most weekends, there was a I use that term loosely...... as this was no normal seventies disco, playing Abba and The Bee Gees etc. the main music played was hard rock and heavy metal so we could all have a great head bangin' time. The main drink of the time was Snakebites (larger and cider) drank by the pint. Just the thought of a pint of Snakebite makes me feel sick noo.
My present (which was not expected) from my OH was a beautiful new gold and diamond ring...he even got the size right! woo hoo :-)
OH loved his anniversary card and we had quite a laugh at how we looked way back in 1983 on our wedding day. He had his long hair cut and my hair which was usually long and crimped was cut and flicked back in true 80's style. I had made my wedding dress and 3 bridesmaid dresses for the grand sum of £100. My auntie (who was a florist) made all my flower arrangements (silk flowers) as a wedding pressie and she also helped with my make-up. My mum spent weeks making and icing our 3 teir wedding cake. My oldest brother (year younger than me) took all our wedding photos and my youngest brother (10 years younger than me) was the only one to cry through the registry office ceramony. Our wedding reception was at The Castleton (now called The Music Bar), my parents and OH parents paid for meal and evening buffet, we had a disco and .... now please don't laugh! .. a singer/accordian player. Honeymoon ........ one night spent at King Malcolm Hotel (pressie from OH parents) ...... what a laugh that was! we ended up in a room with single beds and the people in room next door kept bangin' on the wall cause of the noise in our room ............ not what your thinking ..... we were drinking champagne and eating pieces (sandwiches) and watching Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on The Old Grey Whistle Test on the telly!!!! :-) Those were the days :-)

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