Sunday, 7 October 2007


When my oldest son was younger he wanted a telescope for christmas so he could see the stars. He got his telescope and I spent many a chilly night in the back garden looking at, and teaching him about the stars, planets and our moon. This was all before I had the internet, so I was always in the local library borrowing books on astronomy. If I'm out on a clear night I still look up to see the stars and the moon and they bring back happy memories of my son. I took this photo one morning when I opened my bedroom blinds and there was a near full moon in a blue morning sky. aaahhhh memories

I'm still not comfortable with taking photos of myself, but I suppose the more I do it the easier it will get. So this week it's my eyes ..... my daughter is always telling me to do something with my eyebrows and looking at this photo I think she is right. I still haven't dyed my hair to cover up my dark roots, maybe the next SPS photo will have my new hair colour!!!

Below are the ATC's which I made for September Swaps for Willow Designs and SSUP, they are Shakespeare, Friends and Falling Leaves.


Hazel said...

Lovely ATCs. SPS photo is great - eyebrows are better than mine (used to regularly have them waxed but gave up - should start plucking). Fab photo of the moon.

SmileyCarrie said...

Gorgeous moon pic... and love your SPS! You have beautiful eyes! I understand the eyebrow issue - I have blonde eyebrows too .. hard to keep up when they're hard to see!

Bobs said...
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Bobs said...

Your shot of the moon is fabby! Love it.

Eyebrows? I have never, ever, ever plucked, dyed, waxed or done anything else to mine! lol

I love your ATCs too - especially the Shakespeare ones, me being a huge fan of the bard! Fabulous!

Charli said...

Gorgeous ATC's Debbie - love the falling leaves ones! Fab SPS shot and love your SOS pic for today x

Sue Nicholson said...

As a girl of the 70s I have very little eyebrow left!!

This is a great sp. So hard to see you fce looking back at you from the monitor. Worse than using the magnifying mirror in the bathroom!!

Love the moon photo. And a touching tale to support it :)

Bye for now.

Wondering what colour you will go :) Or will it be one of thos new streak kits so you get two shades.