Monday, 15 October 2007

more than a week blog!!!

The once a week blogger is back and it has been more than a week now since I blogged. I'm on holiday this week, but will that make me a better everyday blogger .... I don't think so!!! I am just not organised enough and I always have so much to do ......... :) So this is a bit of a long blog entry, one of the longest I've ever done.
At last that rare species ... a postman ... has just been to my door, yippppeeee it is my new quick battery charger and more batteries. So I should never again be heard screaming cause I've no batteries for my camera. Still waiting on a rubber stamp getting delivered, oh well the postman might venture out again tomorrow :)


Show us something in Red in your space....

Off work and supposed to be giving my bedroom a good clear out, but I have been side tracked by HS:MS (well it is more fun than housework). I found a red rope light in my bedroom so I just had to use that for todays prompt. Now I don't know what I did to get this photos 'cause I took loads and was just fiddling about with the settings on ma camera. It is sitting on a white duvet so how did the background go black????? I still have so much to learn about my camera and photography .... I'm just a happy snapper :)

SOS ....... so show off Sunday has come around again....

My sunday afternoon was spent in a freezing cold field watching my 2 brothers, my niece and nephew race at the Autograss Racing. It was a day to remember as my niece had her first race win and my nephew became Junior Champion. It was the last meeting of the season, so they have 4 months now to get their cars ready for the next season. I really enjoy watching them race it can get very exciting and scarey at times. So my SOS this week is my nephew Scott in CS11 whizzing passed me.

I thought I would show off this one too...... :)

And here he is ..... Scott the Central Scotland Junior Champion ....... well done Scott :)

SPSHere we go...more self portraits! Have some fun doing them!!!

No more dark roots...... I eventually got round to dying my hair ... I've gone slightly darker with a reddish tinge and silly me has thrown the box out so I won't know what colour it is when I have to touch it up. This is also the first SPS that I have taken with my glasses on.....

Thursday was a sad day as the last pup went off to his new home, he has gone to live in East Sussex. I hope he travels well, he's got a good 400 miles to go. It's strange around our house without pups, so quiet, no wee pups to play with, no wee pups to feed. Every year I think to myself I'm not having pups again 'cause I get upset when they go. Then when it's time for Fearne to mate I get all excited about having a litter of pups again and I forget about all the work and the nights of broken sleep and the heartache when the pups leave ..... and I go through it all again!!!! I must be mad
Wednesday there was a buzz of excitement at my work (I work part-time at a sheltered housing court), two of the tenants were celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Harry and Joan have been married for 60 years, what an achievement, they were so excited and they had arranged a party in the evening for all their friends and family. During the day there was a presentation and the local press was there. After taking photos of just Harry and Joan the press photographer thought it would be good to get a group photo of the happy couple and other tenants and staff of the court. Well I tried to hide behind someone....I hate being in photos...the photographer was having none of that!!!! He told me to stand behind the seated happy couple and in between the 2 dignatories who had done the presentation....then he happily snapped away. Now I am dreading seeing the local paper in case he has used one of the group shots..... keeping my fingers crossed it is just the happy couple in the paper.

Now for my Her Space : My Space photos... been soo busy had to leave a few out again

GameA form of play or sport. find 'game' in your space today......

StepsA series of flat surfaces to enable movement from one level to another. Find 'steps' in your space today.......

These are the steps that lead from my decking up to the summerhouse aka my craft room which is in need of being insulated so I can use it through the winter without getting frost bite.

AutumnThe third season of the year. Show us 'Autumn' in your space today......

The hawthorn hedge at the end of my garden is laden with berries, not for long though as the birds soon munch their way through them all.


Anonymous said...

Wow amazing catch up photos... the red one of course is my favourite... but then I'm biased cos it's my favourite colour. Although that puppy made me give a big sigh too :D
Thanks for sharing :D

Rachael said...

Wow thats alot of catch up. Love the red it's so vibrant and that Puppy is just too cute for words. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh No!!! Blogger just wiped my comment and it took me ages to write!!!!

So firstly, hair is looking great. I remember you were going to do it a week or two ago. Lol the box. Now I'd NEVER do that!!

Great photos. That lil pup is simply gorgeous.

Snapper. you and me both but that is a fab photo and the lights are really bright.

Gonna copy this comment in case it happens again!!


Hazel said...

What a great catch up