Thursday, 18 October 2007

Green, Yellow, Orange

Yippeeeee!!! This afternoon my OH and my youngest son have started to insulate my summerhouse craft room. I think they are only doing it so they can get me out of the house and take control of the telly LOL :-) ... but I don't care 'cause once it's warm in my craft room I will get peace to craft away. I've got an old table in there the noo, but OH is talking about getting a piece of worktop to make me a full length desk and putting a wee shelf up for my CD player and speakers. OH and son have even got me a portable TV/DVD that I can have up there too.... now if he puts a bed in there I will really feel like they want rid of me. LOL :-0

OOOO I'm getting so excited once the walls are done I will have to give them a lick of paint before I can start crafting. It will be my own wee domain, I'll be able to put what I want on the walls, and even leave it in a crafting mess when I'm in the middle of some creation. Now some people would think I'm sad for getting so excited about a craft room, but I think all crafters will understand the need for that wee place to let their inspiration flow.

Now for my Her Space:My Space photos.....................

Next to Yellow in the rainbow is Green. Show us Green in your space...........

Our Rainbow theme takes us on to Yellow - Bright, cheery, sunny. Show us yellow in your space

OH was off work today (Tuesday) so we went for a run in the car up Crieff way........ a well needed countryside fix...... we stumbled upon Drummond Castle Gardens .............. How can you stumble upon a castle??? well we didn't know it was there until we saw the sign, so we decided to take a wee peek. Once we went down the tree lined drive to the castle it cost us £4 each to walk round the gardens. I would say it was well worth money and I will have to go back again in the summer to see it all in full bloom. My youngest son even enjoyed it and he took loads of photos for his college assignment.
The long long driveway
The Castle
Part of the gardens
and that is where I found my
Following our rainbow theme this week, Orange comes next in the rainbow to Red. Show us Orange in your space.....


Hazel said...

Wow!! That's some castle to stumble across! Great photos, including the rainbow colour ones.

Angela said...

Beautiful pics :-)

Bambi said...

wow ... just beautiful!

Bobs said...

I love all the castles in our beautiful Scotland! The shot of the driveway is fabulous .... it just makes you want to go on and see where it leads.

Your rainbow pics are lovely!! I love brussels sprouts and broccoli!

Your own wee crafty summer house sounds fabby. You must post some pics when you get it done.

sharon said...

great pics, love that castle, love the green sprout pic..x

Diana said...

Great shots Debbie. Wonderful that you will have a cosy crafting space ALL to yourself! The shot of the gardens is stunning!
Love Di

Rachael said...

Loving your pics, even the healthy looking ones! x

etteY said...

fab photos! all of them!

happy weekend :D