Friday, 24 August 2007

We've got hot water again

Yipppppeeee our new boiler was installed yesterday (Friday) so we have hot water again. I can't believe how excited I can get over just having hot water coming out of my taps.

I went out to see to the pups this morning and I don 't know what happened or how I did it, but I fell oot the back door and landed in a heap. I didn't know whether to greet (cry) or laugh so I just did both till my OH came and picked me up. boooo hooooo hahaha boooo hoooo hahaha hahahah :-O I was lucky I never skint ma knees, I just seem to have pulled ma muscles in my legs.... so I am walking kinda funny. :-)

HS:MS has totally freaked me out today (Saturday), they have decided that it is Self Portrait Saturday...oh no a photo of me!!!!!!! ..... I hate having my photo taken thats why I hide behind the camera taking everyone elses photo. I had to get the manual out (still learning) to see how to use the self timer and played around a bit taking some very scarey shots of myself. Not a great shot but it is the least scariest and it definately looks better in black and white than in colour. Thank goodness for PhotoShop :-)

HS:MS are going to expect a SPS (self portrait saturday) every Saturday, to see how we all change and improve on our photography ... so every weekend there will be yet another scarey photo of ma fizzog!!!! :-) So be warned this weeks wasnae to bad, but if you have a weak stomach beware of Saturdays blogs from now on :-)

StoneA hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.......
St Margarets Stone, tradtition says that Queen Margaret wife of King Malcolm Canmore of Scotland would sit on this stone to rest on her way to Dunfermline, some say she would sit here and wait for those in need of her help. The stone used to be on Queensferry Road between Rosyth and Dunfermline, but has since been moved slightly and has now been made into a seat on the road leading into an industrial estate. I wonder how Queen Margaret would feel about that!!!!

WhiteThe palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today......
Oooooo I wish this was ma hoose :-) we can all have oor dreams

A person you know particularly well. Show us 'friend' in your space today......
Well this is my OH, Colin (he doesn't know I've put him on here). We have been together for 27 years and will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next year ..... so I think I know him quite well. If you look closely you can see my dog, Buzz, who is also my friend reflected in Colins sunglasses on the left hand side (didn't notice him there till I was cropping the photo)....and yeah! thats my body reflected on the right hand side...... ooops I will have to practise a bit more.

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Louise said...

your photos are great, I really like the 'stone' one:)

Your grandson is such a doll, what a cute smile:)