Thursday, 2 August 2007

HS:MS.....Summer, Breakfast & Foil

Anita and Kirsty of My Space:Your Space are back from their hols and giving us our daily prompts again. So below you will find me catching up on 3 days of prompts.

FoilA thin flexible sheet of metal, find foil in your space.................I had to raid my craft box for this one.

BreakfastThe most important meal of the day. Show us breakfast in your space today........I didn't get his word until I had come home from work and had my lunch, so I made a wee afternoon snack(like my belly really needs it!!!) of what I like for my brekkie at the weekend...........yummy it went down a treat, I even started eating my toast and marmite before I got my photo :-)

SUMMER.A season noted for warmth, blue skies, strawberries and fun. Show us your summer so far..... I took this photo the same day as my tree photo from an earlier post. It was a scorching hot morning and I was out walking one of my dogs.

I can't believe a week has passed already since Fearne had her pups...time is just flying by. Fearne and her pups are all doing well and they are starting to move around a wee bit more when they are awake and not feeding....cause' sleeping and feeding is about all they do at the moment....Hopefully over the weekend they should all open their eyes, then they will start to move around a bit more and play with one another

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Louise said...

I love the summer shot the best... although with all these yummy egg shots I am getting quite hungry:)