Monday, 6 August 2007

Catching up again!!! ..Smile, Fat & Bloom

A lifting of the corners of the mouth to express happiness. Show us a smile in your space today.........this photo was taken last year of one of Fearnes pups, he is the double of his dad, Buzz. This is Mini Mooshka Magic, he was my favourite pup in the litter, he had brilliant blue eyes. He now lives on a farm in the west of Scotland. It looks like he is laughing, so this is maybe not a smile, but it makes me smile everytime I see it.

FatSomething a little rounder than it could be. Find fat in your soon as I read this prompt there was only one thing that came to mind, my belly. I tried all day to think of something different, but my fat belly it had to be...please be warned this is not a pretty sight!!! :-)

A period of greatest beauty, find 'bloom' in your space of my clematis flowers that have so far not been ruined my the rain.
Saturday was a lovely hot sunny day (was that our summer?). Cols and me went for a drive to Anstruther and Crail, I haven't been there for ages. 'Cause the sun was out I think everyone else had the same idea, as Anstruther was full of tourists. Lots of people with their cameras snappin', eating ice-cream and getting their fish and chips from the famous Anstruther chippy.

That was just a few of the photos I took at Anstruther and now to do some housework and get the dinner on and maybe get a bounce on the trampoline (got to exercise to get rid of ma fat belly LOL)


Sue Nicholson said...

Loved your photos :)

My clematis has given up completely !

Kate said...

Love flower pictures in the rain, with all the drops on the leaves and petals.

Louise said...

your smile pic is soooooo cute, I love it:)
and if you think your tum is fat I hate to think what mine is:(

Vanda said...

Hi Debbie, loved looking at all your photos ~ gorgeous :O) xXx

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

Just love that pup! How cute a smile is that?

The day out photos are fab too, no idea where either of those places are though, lol!


Ruth said...

Oh my...what wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them with us.

marie said...

fab photo's but sorry the fat one dosen't count :)

Diana said...

Beautifuk - loved all of your pics :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, love them all...but your fat tummy isn't fat lol... I would die for a tummy like that :) wanna swap :-) still a great pic though.

Olivia said...

I love the smile photo. It's really cute!

LisaBabe said...

Fab photos, Debbie - I'm just across the river from you in Falkirk