Friday, 29 June 2007


Wednesdays word on HS:MS was Filligree, as soon as I read that I knew what I was going to photograph. It was a necklace that was made of wire twisted into sprirals and put together in a kind of bell shape with more spirals dangling from the you think I could find my necklace? NO..........then I remembered I had never worn this necklace for about 20 years so I had sold it last year on Ebay.
So the hunt was on for a subject for my filligree photo, I hunted high and low and couldn't find anything. So my daughter gave me one of her necklaces......not really filligree so I've cheated a wee bit on this one!!!

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Vanda said...

Oooo Debbie that is SOOO pretty. Just love it, I had better not show my girlies as they'll be wanting one :O) xXx